Easy Quinoa Recipes

Think of the recipes in this chapter as “master” recipes that will serve as the foundation for
not only the preparations in this book, but also for your own creations in the future.
Each of these basic quinoa recipes will deliver a nice batch of quinoa—they just differ in
their approaches, and you may use them interchangeably depending on your own personal
preference. For example, if you prefer wholly separate grains in your quinoa, you may opt to
prepare the “dry” quinoa recipe.
When your quinoa is done, it should have a fluffy texture that is creamy while still retaining
some crunch. Each of these recipes would make for a fine quick dinner, with just a drizzle of
olive oil or butter!
As an added bonus, this chapter also includes instructions on how to make your own
quinoa flour using quinoa grains and a food processor or blender. Making your own quinoa
flour is an easy alternative to keeping multiple forms of quinoa in your pantry, or bugging your
local market to order it for you!